Monday, November 3, 2008

Ifs and buts remain..

At 24, I am wondering if I could pursue something which had been close to my heart since my childhood - Sport at a professional level.. [It was cricket from the beginning, but I think I am equally competitive at few of the individual sports I have been playing for quite sometime now.]
At this time of the life, I guess I am a little late to do that.. But one of my good friend gave me some inspiration by enlightening me about the fact that Bruce McGain who was supposed to be the main Aussie spinner till injury claimed him for the current tour, was 35 and was making his debut . He was an IT professional and was working full time till he was 32. Then he decided that he was very good in cricket and pursued it full time . So that way I am relatively young! Am I not!?!

Open to comments! :)


anush said...

Go for it bomb boy !

Thought you wud call ur blog 'Shit happens' !

Manoi said...

hehe..may be.. I guess I wanted it to sound fundu at the same time sum up my state.. hence this name :D

some1unowell said...

ohh yes....the hidden talents are speaking...btw...its never late to learn or enjoi...thts my mantra and i'm practicing wht i'm preaching..

So follow ur heart buddy.

Nerdita said...

With all the diversification you have up ur vitae, this shud be your bald head ka khel!!

Manoi said...

True..See now I am bugged of all the corporate crap.. Since I diversified my portfolio, I do stand a chance to khel according to my bald head :D