Sunday, April 26, 2009

Coffee or Tea: That is the question?

I have met many people who are crazy about hot beverages like Coffee or Tea, but I haven’t met any who get confused about which one to have when, just because of the addiction to both! Well, fortunately or unfortunately I fall into both the categories. These are more of an integral part of my life. The fact that I am writing a post on it, is a testimony to the significance I attach to them. I want to get up in the morning, not because I want to go through the daily routine, but to reach office at the earliest (I mean from the time I get up :P) to have my piping cup of coffee/tea. Since I would have either coffee or tea first up, I make sure I get back to the office cafeteria an hour later (sometimes earlier than that), just to ensure that there is no discrimination to the other. Basically I am an addict and I love being that way.

I don’t particularly like reading management books, but I read the Starbucks story by Howard Schultz just because it was about Coffee and no prizes for guessing, I loved it. There is no end to my love for these beverages; I am just falling short of words here. I wanted to write this because I intend to write more and it goes without saying that incidents during my routine coffee break ‘can’ feature quite often. So this is more of a precursor to many of my posts (if I do succeed with my plan of writing more) :)


Bea Wilderment said...

This dilemma,
The issue of:
Should i drink coffee or tea?
It is one that i find
Always pressing,
For i have one mouth, and cannot have them both at once.
Or can i?

Perhaps if i mixed the two together, or had a cup of each, and drank from one and then the other in turn.
Or is that cheating, somehow?

It reminds me of the other night, when i ordered from the bartender a cranberry juice and tonic water with a wedge of lime. I anticipated a mixture, but instead was given a glass of each. I did not wish to complain, so i took each back to the table. I alternated sips between the two glasses, thinking, 'Hmm, this is not so bad... the one compliments and cancels out the other...'
When a friend pointed out:
"You could just put both straws in your mouth."
And that worked quite well.

Manoi said...

I mentioned in my blog that I haven't met anyone who has this kind of dilemma, now I have! :)

anush said...

I remember u regularly dropping in to our room for a cuppa coffee !

get started Bom boy ! expecting more stuff from u ...

Btw the post explains why T T is among ur fav sports :D

some1unowell said... the fourth kind..
the guy who doesnt like hot coffee or hot tea but can have cold coffee or ice tea (only occasionally.


Abinav Kumar said...

i am a south indian who doesn't like coffee.

there i said it.

it at least saves me the dilemma.

Manoi said...

Lucky you!