Monday, May 7, 2007

“Its About That Something”

There is a part of me,
That feels I am different from everyone else.
At least when I am writing,
Something that I can't quite see,
Something that I can't quite feel,
Something so unreal,
Something that I try to put into words,
Something that I try to make those words rhyme,
But I fail miserably.
Cos that something is not quite what it is,
I wonder and ponder
In that stately mansion of my mind,
If I could ever solve this puzzle,
Yes this very own puzzle of mine
About my “Cognitive Dissonance”.
If ever I do,
I proclaim,
That would be the birth of a writer,
If not good,
A writer with his thoughts,
Entangled in words, crystal clear.

1 comment:

KRR said...

good one i have already told there is something abt the post tht confuses me which is wht i like.. ;)