Sunday, April 6, 2008

Lets do somethin...!!!

Lets take the roads for a walk,
Lets lose the keys to the lock,
Lets put some heart in your head,
Lets give some sleep to your bed,
Lets give the sun some rest,
Lets shine and shine the best,
Lets steal the darkness from the night,
Lets teach our swords some fight,
Lets take the moon for a ride,
Lets dip it in the ocean and bring a tide,
Lets rob the honey from the hive,
Lets give it back to the flowers and watch them jive,
Lets teach the lion how to roar,
Lets forget the wounds that are sore,
Lets give fire some heat,
Lets trap the ships to form a fleet,
Lets do things that are never done before,
Lets swallow the universe and ask for more.


Anonymous said...

Good one!!

irv said...

wow so ur now reduced to one post every year?

Manoi said...

lol..Havent been writing at all man! I would be surprised myself if i do make it more than that! sigh!